Defender Upgrades


We carry out a lot of installations on defenders and the vehicle is becoming more popular every day for upgrades and modifications.
See below for packages & options we recommend and know work on these vehicles. Our gallery also shows a number of different examples of Defender work we have carried out so far.

First thing we recommend is a top of the range G5 Clifford Concept 650P MK2 with Perimeter warning. This is a very good deterrent due to the early perimeter siren beep to indicate the alarm is on and working. The bright blue LED inside the cabin with the Clifford luminescent sticker mounted at the top of the windscreen also is a great visual deterrent which can be seen from far away. This alarm also features BlackJax which will protect against Key Theft, Key Cloning & Hijacking. This is a Thatcham approved alarm system so therefor extremely secure, complex and the cleverest of systems. This installed by our highly trained installers is  £895.00.

If you are happy with the factory Alarm system and purely want to upgrade to a better and more complex 2 point immobiliser then this would cost £495.00.

Audio Upgrades
We offer 2 tried & tested audio packages for Defenders that work extremely well and is a vast improvement over the original system. We can however go above and beyond this or tailor a system to your exact requirements. We can connect these systems to the original stereo or we can supply you an upgraded stereo to suit your needs.

Audio Upgrade Package 1
Product List
Audison Prima 4” Components (in front)
Audison Prima 5” Coaxials (in rear)
Eton UG USB 6 Subwoofer

This consists of the front dashboard 4” speakers upgraded to the Audison Prima’s as well as the tweeters replaced on top of the dashboard. If you do not have tweeters then we will mount them in their own mounting pods. We also upgrade the rear speakers to a 4” Audison Prima Coaxials. We also fit an Eton active subwoofer underneath the passenger seat box mounted next to the battery. We mount the subwoofer on a wood board trimmed in carpet to make sure it is nice and secure under the seat for the best possible results from the subwoofer. We also heavily soundproof under the seat (if it hasn’t already been done). The subwoofer works extremely well here and is superior to the Alpine option by Landrover which they mount on the back of the centre console.
This costs £1195 Fully installed & can be done in a day. If you don’t have the Alpine Headunit fitted by Landrover then we can install the Bluetooth & Digital Radio version for £395.00

The Audio System is fully covered by our Lifetime Warranty. (excluding the Alpine headunit)
(example pictures of package 1 are below)

Audio Upgrade Package 2

Product List
Rainbow SLC210 NG Front Components
Audison APX5 Rear Coaxials
Audison SR4.300 Amplifier
JL CP 6” Ported Subwoofer Enclosure
Quality Cabling Throughout
(example pictures of package 2 are below)

This takes the concept of our package 1 to the next level with the Rainbow 4” front components, Rainbow 5” rear speakers, Audison 4 Channel Amplifier & the 6” Ported Subwoofer by JL in a tiny solid MDF ported enclosure. The amplifier drives the front speakers with over 4 times more power than the Alpine stereo the cars normally come with and far better sound quality. The amplifier will also power the small but powerful 6” subwoofer.

The Rainbow Components will have the tweeters flush mounted in the original positions if you have them on the dashboard, if not we will mount them in their own mounting pods. The rear speakers will replace the standard 4” with the larger 5” coaxial. Reason behind this to improve mid bass in the vehicle. The Rainbow speakers feature a silk dome tweeter for that smooth & natural sound reproduction.

We then mount the 6” JL Ported Subwoofer behind the centre console in a defender 90 or under the rear seats in a 110. This really adds the depth & bass to the audio system. We run the front speakers & the subwoofer off the very reliable and robust Audison SR4.300 Amplifier.

We require the car for 2 days to complete the installation and the total installed cost is £1995.00 fully installed. This is covered by our 2 year warranty on equipment & lifetime warranty on the installation.

If you don’t have the Alpine Headunit fitted by Landrover then we can install the Bluetooth & Digital Radio version for £395.00.

Rear Seat Entertainment

We offer two types of rear seat entertainment options. One option is the 10.2” Alpine Roof mounted screen with built in DVD, USB & HDMI input. You can see examples of this fitted to the Defender below.

The other option is a twin headrest replacement option from Rosen (not compatible with upgraded bucket/recaro seats) Pictures below for examples. This will give you a DVD player in each headrest and also a HDMI input.

The roof screen starts from £1250.00 fully installed and the Rosen Headrests start from £1400.00 fully installed.

5 Years warranty — A FOUR MASTER installation (speaker upgrade or whole system) is provided with a 5 year warranty. This warranty covers your products in the event of failure or installation related problems.

It is a national warranty. In the unlikely event of your system failing while you are travelling or if you move house, the closest FOUR MASTER to you is able to honour the warranty on our behalf.

Cover is provided for wholly sourced FOUR products (visit to view their extensive product portfolio). We are not able to offer the warranty if FOUR product is used alongside products from other manufacturers/distributors. We also do not cover products sourced from overseas.
“5 Years” means the period for which a vehicle is subject to retained ownership by the original customer.