Latest Update, Audison have now entered the BMW Bespoke Speaker Upgrades, see below for our latest BMW packages.


Here at John Kleis Audio we have considerable experience with BMW’s and upgrading the inadequate audio systems in them. It’s such a popular manufacturer here for audio upgrades that we have obtained a BMW 4 Series to showcase a few of the options we can offer people. You own a great car which deserves a great system to match it.

It is here almost every day the shop is open and is worth a listen to open your eyes (or ears!) to what can be achieved in these cars without actually seeing anything.


Most BMW’s, i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, X1, X3, X4, X5, X6, Z4 & Mini’s all share nearly identical set ups. This is a 4” speaker in the front (sometimes not even tweeters are installed), 6” mid bass drivers under each front seat (so quiet we’ve given them the nickname, the ‘ghost woofer’) and a set of 4” speakers in the rear.

If you own any of the cars above get in touch and enquire about either of the set packages below or we can tailor something that is more specific to your requirements.


BMW Audio Upgrade Package 1

This consists of upgrading the front door speakers. First we soundproof the door cards to give the speaker an improved environment to work in and reduce resonance. We then replace the basic 4” speakers with the Audison 2 Way Component System. This kit consists of a 4” midrange and tweeters with passive crossovers. We either flush mount the tweeters in your factory mouldings or for the proper original look we can order in factory tweeter housings directly from BMW. All speakers plug directly into factory wiring so there’s no need to cut any cables.

This gives you a far clearer sound and superior separation. We do this package for £495.00 fully installed. As we are a Four Master Dealership this is all covered under a 3 year warranty.



BMW Audio Upgrade Package 2

This consists of Audison 2 way Component System alongside a 4 Channel Amplifier.  This will give the front speakers more control and more power. 

In turn meaning audio quality is improved even further at all volume levels and should you wish to, you will have a far more powerful & louder listening experience. 

The Amplifier will also run the factory under seat speakers to make them more defined and controlled.

This package is £1099 supplied and fitted. This package is fully covered under the Four Master 3 Year warranty.



BMW Audio Upgrade Package 3
As featured in our BMW 4 Series Demo Car this is our most popular package. This consists of fitting our package 1, Replacing the factory 6” under seat speakers with the Audison Prima 8” Bespoke BMW Subwoofers available in either 2ohm or 4ohm impedance for improved system composition versatility & then fitting the Audison Prima AP8.9Bit 8 Channel DSP Amplifier to run these speakers.

The amplifier was designed by Audison to achieve maximum sound quality whilst retaining the original head unit/stereo. This amplifier requires an extensive set up done by us using a Real-Time Analyser to get the best sound possible. Every car is different so every set up is personalised to your vehicle. The amplifier gives you a total wattage of 520w RMS so it will also please even the louder listeners! We also set up the time correction to give you a great front end sound stage. The package is £1849.95 supplied & fitted. This package is fully covered under the Four Master 3 Year Warranty.


BMW Full Digital Upgrade (Full DA)

To optimise the best transfer of signal, the Bit DMI can pick up the BMW’s MOST signal and convert it to a Toslink optical output.  Using the Audison Bit DMI Digital Interface we can provide our Audison AP8.9 Bit Amplifier (as used in our Audio Package 3) with an optical digital signal direct from the factory BMW stereo.  

This goes direct into the Prima Amplifier to ensure the utmost signal integrity and keeping the audio controls built into the OEM head unit such as volume, balance and tone controls – as well as the hands-free kit, navigation system and parking sensor alerts unaltered. 

No high-level speaker inputs, No internal BMW amplifier, just pure Full Digital Audio Signal.

This costs a further £649.99 fully installed on to our Package 3.  This is also covered with us under the 3 year Four Master Dealership Warranty.


All the above packages are not inclusive of the factory tweeter mounts if required. 

When installing the Bit DMI, depending on specification of the car, it may require coding if a MOST amplifier is not factory provided with the car. If coding is not performed the DMI will not work. Contact us to find out more.

We are now offering 0% Finance on 6, 9 & 12 Months.

All the above packages are what we recommend based on our extensive experience with BMW’s. They produce awesome results and will not disappoint. However, if you want something tailored for you please call us on 01189 866 224 or email us at info@johnkleis.com and we will talk you through options.